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If you are in the need of rim or wheel repair in Nashville, TN I am available to assist you with my insured and affordable services. Curbed Appeal has been proudly serving our clients for over 4 years and has experience with cosmetic damage, bent wheels, warped wheels and complete wheel refinishing. Give me a call at 615-450-2896 or use the form below to contact our Nashville representative to obtain an estimate:
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Quick notes;

- I dont not work on ANY chrome rims, do to the "chrome" finish there is no mobile repair know to do spot reapir for and the chrome usually cracks while being pressed, if bent...

- While, I can fix minor warps/bends on most wheels.. you will need to have your tire dismounted/mounted and provide a 'bare' rim for me to put on the press.

- After a standard cosmetic repair is preformed;
*you will need a one to two hours before
        light driving
*Allow atleast 72 hours to cure before washing, soap and water only 
*Avoid  automated car washes for ateast 2
        weeks, due to unknown chemicals

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